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The entrepreneurial Edge

EdgeV4E1With a new year comes a new editor and staff of The Edge. Though I already sorely miss the talented Kate Riley (off having adventures abroad in Turkey), I am thrilled to be working with my fellow communications fellow and good friend Alison Ryncarz for the newest Volume.

Alison has a flair for fashion design (pun intended) and I couldn’t be happier to team up with her this year to continue The Edge legacy.

Here‘s our newest edition. I designed this one cover to cover.

Print nostalgia and progress

After three semesters and 34 editions of The Pendulum, my position as a Design Editor for Elon University’s student newspaper has come to a close.

In the world of print, it’s tough enough to attract readers to pick up a tangible newspaper. This is a reason that great design really matters. The great content that our reporters provide deserves to get attention, and great design enhances those chances. I aided as one of three designers who lead the transition from a weekly tabloid newspaper to a bi-weekly magazine-style publication, proving the organization’s dedication to quality in-depth reporting in print and breaking news online.

Nothing like a Cookout run on a long Election night...
Nothing like a Cookout run on a long Election night…

In my time at The Pendulum, I was able to work on a few issues I’m truly proud of- issues that made late nights and that extra cup of coffee really worth it. I acted as Design Chief for the election editions of the newspaper, including an Alamance County Voter’s Guide and the edition announcing President Obama’s re-election.

Though I’ll be missing the staff that has made my time at The Pendulum so unforgettable, I’m looking forward to some new experiences to come. After all, aren’t new experiences what you’re supposed to pursue in college?

Next semester, I’ll be serving as a Creative Coordinator for Live Oak Communications and the Vice President of Public Relations for the Theta Nu chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. But, of course I can’t fully tear myself away from The Pendulum office. I’ll be continuing to design for The Edge, The Pendulum’s bi-semesterly general interest magazine.

Below are some of the covers and spreads I designed for The Pendulum.

Update 2/18/13: My design on page 6 of the Election Edition won 2nd place for Single- or Two-Page Design at the North Carolina College Media Association conference for a small school (<6,000) newspaper!

Inspire. Cultivate. Grow.: PR course capstone project


In my very first public relations course, Public Relations and Civic Responsibility, our capstone project was to formulate a public relations plan. Our proposal is in response to an RFP calling for increases in tourism in Brazil before the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics.

I worked alongside five other group members to complete this proposal. I served as the Creative Director for this plan and created the brand identity for both the proposal and our “firm,” J.T. Malt. I also primarily researched the economy and social instability of Brazil’s major cities in the face of rampant organized crime. I formed the Situation Analysis and served as one of the members that compiled and edited the plan.

To view our final product, check out the Issuu version of the plan here.

The Edge, and some glitter

edge_holidayIt’s the most wonderful time of the year. Hello, The Edge: holiday style.

In this edition, I was most excited to spearhead the re-vamp of the table of contents and continued improvements from former editions. I also absolutely loved getting to help with the photo shoot for the cover with the ever-talented Claire Esparros. Big thanks to head editor Kate Riley!

I designed pages 1-3, 10-11 and 14-28.

UPDATE, 3/13/13: the issue won 4th place for Best Magazine Cover at the College Media Association convention in New York City. Who knew playing with glitter could pay off so much?

The Edge: Getting local

The Edge V3E3

Magazines. The holy grail of awesome design. At Elon, I’m able to dip my toes in the vast array of opportunities that the Adobe Creative Suite and 28 pages of high-gloss paper have to offer. Thank you, student media. Check out the October edition of Elon University’s only student-run magazine: The Edge!

I designed pages 1-9 and 20-28.

A spoken word piece

Here is my final project for my Digital Media Convergence class. This video is probably the video I’m most proud of over the course of the semester, and I think it really shows how much I’ve learned and how my skills have progressed since just the beginning of this year. Special thanks to J McMerty for a fantastic semester, and I’ll really miss this class.

Shot in Elon University’s Studio B. Spoken by Sergio Ingato, music by Sigur Rós. Written and directed by Madison Margeson. Shot on a Sony NX-Cam.

Selfies: A public record

Anything you put online is out there for the world to see. Do you really want your “selfies” to pop up on a public news feed?

For my Digital Art class, we were to engage the public sphere somehow through our final project, so I chose to analyze public Twitter accounts, specifically those with photos. Just by typing in “selfies” in the search bar, it was bizarre how many people seem to take photos of themselves and let them out on a public portal.

Many of the accounts I drew pictures from offline are completely unprotected, published online as easily as they could be in print. Is this an invasion of privacy? Or should the posters of this content be more cognizant of what anyone can access at the click of a button?

Here’s what I compiled.

Textures of Elon: An underground gallery

I took 10 of the photos I’ve taken throughout the year that I think provided the most texture around Elon’s campus and compiled them for the chance to have them printed and appear on the walls of the School of Communications’ “Underground Gallery.” Here’s what I came up with.

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